SRC Herald Returns

It is my intent as the newly appointed Chairman to restart the quarterly SRC Newsletter (SRC Herald).
I think it will be beneficial to the membership.
We haven't published the SRC Hearld since early 2021.
I would like for it to be a true QUARTERLY publication, containing articles from Chapters, Presidents, members, Board members, Reps, Safety Officers, etc.
Items can include, but not be limited to, Chapter news, ride/event information, stories of interest, and pictures.
I plan for it to have a static, dependable schedule as to when it will be published and made available.
The schedule will be as follow:
1st Edition for months January, February, and March - published the week of April 3rd, 2023 (April 3-7)
2nd Edition for the months of April, May, and June - published the week of July 4th.
3rd Edition for months of July, August, and September - published the week of October 3rd.
4th Edition for months of October, November, and December - published the week of January 2nd.
The 1st Edition for 2023 will be published the week of April 3rd.
Therefore, please send any articles or items for consideration as soon as possible, and NO LATER THAN March 30th.
Send your items by email to SRC Secretary Justin Hartley - [email protected]
Previous editions of the SRC Hearld are posted on the SRC Website at -
Ride with Pride!
Mike Shockley
Blue Knights International
SRC Chairman
[email protected]