New North GA State Rep


The SRC leadership model supports a strong system of State Reps.

State Reps report to the Vice-Chairman.

Now that the former North Georgia State Rep Randy Hoagland moved into the SRC Vice-Chairman's position, the SRC Board has appointed a new North Georgia State Representative (State Rep).

To make the appointment the SRC Board asked for interested members from the North Georgia chapters to apply.
Two members submitted their names for consideration.
The SRC Board selected Eddie Henderson, President of Georgia Chapter XXII as the new North Georgia State Rep.

Eddie was selected for his impressive list of qualifications, years of experience as a Blue Knight, and his leadership as President of one of the fastest-growing Chapters in North Georgia.

Please welcome Eddie Henderson as our new North Georgia State Rep.
The official SRC Bullentin is 2023-3.
Eddie's contact information is available on the SRC Website. -